Experienced Development Support for Early-Stage Enterprises

“Opportunity’s Missing Piece”

Expertise You Can Trust

We are a trusted network of community-minded, small business professionals, providing expertise and efficient access to a variety of critical industries for small business survival.

Whether you are a newcomer or experienced business owner, our expert knowledge will help guide you through challenges of being an entreprenuer.

Business Development

Whether you need:

  • A Feasibility Assessment to determine the survivability of your idea
  • Assistance to develop the various components of your Business Plan
  • Help with cash flow projections, budgeting/Accounting, obtaining affordable loans
  • Marketing and Website development assistance
  • A selection of other business start-up or growth partners

The Business Resource Depot will help you reach your business goals.


Entrepreneurial Coaching

Coaching and mentoring can often give us value, particularly if you cannot afford to find the solutions you need by trial and error.

Having an experienced small business advisor available at times when you feel stagnation, gives you the benefit of having someone who has helped others in your similar situation.